Revealed: BP’s close ties with the UK government – The Guardian

  I was quoted extensively in a piece The Guardian wrote on the extent of BP’s influence on government policy and how their intimate relationship is at odds with UK commitments to reduce carbon emissions.     “About 1.5% of UK pension industry money was invested in BP shares, which […]


  This piece was first published by the Energy and Carbon Blog     Amber Rudd’s appointment as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate has been welcomed by environmentalists. This is partly out of relief. There was a real risk that DECC would be abolished by an incoming Conservative Government. […]


                    Louis XV’s mordant phrase aptly captures the legacy of the Coalition government’s electricity policy. The new government, whatever its composition, will inherit a policy that achieved a rare feat. It united investors, generators, customers, commentators and environmentalists on energy policy. […]


  This piece was originally published by Greenpeace EnergyDesk       The next government will decide four critical matters that will determine the role it plays in the global effort to keep the climate safe. First, it will choose how to spend £25 billion a year on vital infrastructure. […]


      Despite frequent headlines suggesting otherwise, EDF has not yet agreed to buy two nuclear reactors from its sister French state-owned company Areva. The British Government has yet to sign a contract to purchase the electricity the reactors will produce. Without that contract EDF will not make the […]


    This piece first appeared in The Guardian on Thursday 10th July                 It has always been difficult to see what was attractive about the proposed deal with EDF to build a nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point in Somerset. To bring this […]

Retrofitting the Green Deal

  What the government needs to do to rescue the Green Deal                 An excerpt from a report written by Nicholas Schoon on behalf of BioRegional and The Association for the Conservation of Energy.   Recommendations Incentives for retrofits and closing the Green Deal funding gap 1. Government needs to […]

Energy lobby insiders will lead cold war against Labour

  By Damian Carrington and Terry Macalister – The Observer Sunday 6 October 2013                 Tom Burke, a former head of Friends of the Earth who worked as special adviser to several Conservative ministers, said: “The secondments are pernicious, but the real power […]

The Independent View: No real choice on nuclear

  This article was written for the Liberal Democrat Voice and first appeared on their website.                       By Tom Burke | Mon 9th September 2013 – 8:45 am   Atoms are not the only fission products of nuclear power. This is […]