The Clean Revolution

The Climate Group introduced a three year campaign in September 2011 calling for a Clean Revolution in the way that we consume energy and resources. This will become increasingly important with rapid population growth- particularly within the middle classes- putting more of a strain on the world we live in.

Addressing this requires a concerted effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make the transformation to a low carbon economy. The Clean Revolution aims to galvanise into action top decision makers across government, business and civil society, in order to achieve this transformational change.

Find out more about the Clean Revolution here.

The Q&A

At 10 o’clock on the morning of Tuesday 1 May, I will be having a live Twitter conversation, and Q&A, with Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group.

Initially, Mark and I will be having a conversation with each other, introducing the topic and outlining our views. This will then open up to questions from other Twitter followers, which we will both do our best to answer in under 140 characters!

The conversation and Q&A together will not last longer than an hour, so make sure to have a look at what we are doing between 10 and 11 on Tuesday 1 May.

A summary of the key points/ tweets from the debate will be collated, and you will be able to access them through The Climate Group website and here on my website.

How to get involved

Follow the conversation live on Twitter on the day by watching my Twitter account (@tom_burke_47), Mark’s Twitter account (@MarkKenber), The Climate Group’s Twitter account (@ClimateGroup), and the E3G Twitter account (@EthreeG). You can also use #CleanRevolution and #Rioplus20 .

If you are interested in what we are discussing, then re-tweet us on the day, or get involved by tweeting in questions through any of the above routes.

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