I think that it is right and responsible to use the term climate emergency. We have got no time. The important thing about this problem is that is has a time clock on it. If we get it wrong, then we are in real trouble. That is exactly why it is an emergency; you have a limited amount of time to deal with the problem and that is the situation that we are in. Anyone who says that there is no proof that humans burning fossil fuels is contributing to climate change is just wrong. They should read the latest report from the IPCC which provides all the proof and consensus from scientists and governments.

The exact amount of CO2 that is being produced by humans in comparison to the amount produced by other sources is not really the issue. The issue is what the amount carbon being produced by humans burning fossil fuels is doing to the climate. There is a cycle of carbon in the atmosphere, some of it is from plants, some of it is from people and animal breathing out carbon dioxide, but there is a cycle which returns that carbon to rocks and vegetation and so on, and that is in balance and has been in balance until we started burning fossil fuels. But if you add to that carbon it throws it out of balance and it causes a problem. It is like a gyroscope, if you tip it out of balance you get some catastrophic consequences.

Boris Johnson is absolutely right to say that the legacy of net zero should be preserved. Not much of the rest of his legacy should be preserved, but net zero definitely should be preserved.

These are some excerpts of a discussion with Farage on GB News, the full discussion can be watched here: