Here are some excerpts of the interview with Sky News about whether Greta Thurnberg’s speech about climate change was overly pessimistic:

The reality is that climate change is nastier, and is happening faster than we thought it would, the dangers that everybody on the planet are facing are worse than we thought they would be. There is an optimistic story, and that is the way in which we can solve this problem, really quickly, with the technology that we already have, and we can do it very fast. The obstacles that we have are not technological or economic, they are really political obstacles.

The technologies we need are already here. We are just seeing in this country that offshore wind is coming in cheaper than new gas would, and that pattern is being repeated around the world. There is no need to worry about the cost. Of the oil, gas and coal we use, sixty to seventy percent of it ends up as waste heating, it adds nothing to our economy, getting rid of it won’t hurt the economy, it will do the economy good, it will increase productivity.