Is it possible to meet the demands of the Extinction Rebellion protesters? – Sky News

A thing to bear in mind is that climate change is like diabetes. It is a progressive disease if you don’t do something about it, it goes on getting worse. So the later you start doing something about the problem, the worse the eventual outcome will be for you.

Discussing the impact of climate change protests – BBC Radio London

What is really significant is what the protests have already accomplished, they have changed the conversation. There is no question about the significance of what they have accomplished by bringing attention to this issue. I think that we have not understood the urgency of the climate problem, and how serious […]

Do you think you know the truth about Climate Change? – LBC

Actually governments know how serious this is, so in a way, you can’t forgive them…By and large the public are very responsive to good leadership from politicians, to having a problem explained to them and having it explained what everyone is going to do. That is not really happening. In […]