A conversation with Stephen Colegrave of Byline Times, discussing what consequences climate policy success or failure will have on democratic systems.

Without democracy, climate policy will fail. If climate policy fails democracy will die. To stay in power despots have to destroy all the machinery societies have ever invented to learn from their mistakes – a free press, independent judiciary, the rule of law, and active civil society organisations. There is no mistake-free pathway to a safe climate. If climate policy fails we will lose the food, water and energy security on which social cohesion in every country depends. Without social cohesion, democracy dies. This conversation will explore the political consequences of climate policy success and climate policy failure.

The fourth edition of London Climate Action Week (LCAW) will be an opportunity to assess the challenges for global climate action in this new geopolitical setting as we approach COP27. The event will bring together world-leading climate professionals and communities across London and beyond to find practical solutions to climate change. As the hosts of London Climate Action Week, E3G will be convening a series of events with a focus on the implications of the war, the new geopolitical conditions and the future of sustainable finance. How can we maintain momentum for global climate action in the face of these new challenges?

There are many more events in this year’s LCAW programme