The IPCC report is a very frightening prospect for all our futures, but particularly for young people, who have a long time to live in a world with a climate that is changing in a dangerous way. This report is telling us that climate change is happening now, for a long time people have believed that this is something that will happen at some time in the future. This report has come out at a perfect time, when we are all looking, all over the world, at floods, at fires, at droughts, at extreme weather events, and we are seeing exactly what the science told us would happen. So now people’s experience is validating the science. I think over time that will turn into more pressure on politicians. Politicians have let us all down, but they have particularly let young people down. We know what we have got to do to address this problem, we have known for a long time, and we have known the science for even longer, and we simply haven’t stepped up and done those things we know how to do, and we know that we can afford to do.

These are some excerpts of an interview for LBC. The full discussion can be heard here: