E3G is publishing ‘Changing the Game’ a 10 point programme for government that will put the environment to work for the economy.





For too long Britain’s environmentalists have asked British Governments to do more for the environment. It is now time to turn the tables and tell the government what the environment can do for Britain’s economy.


What voters are not being told

  • Properly insulating people’s homes would drive down energy bills permanently, help save the NHS £1.3 billion a year, create 100,000 jobs and pay for itself by 2024.
  • Stronger controls on air pollution would cut the £15 billion/year it costs the NHS.
  • Buying electricity to fuel your car is half the cost of buying petrol or diesel.
  • An honest carbon tax would recycle its revenues into paying for the investment to avoid dangerous climate change.
  • Britain needs a powerful Department of Natural Resources to balance the ‘growth at any price’ mentality of the Treasury.

“Neither of the potential Prime Ministers has offered much in this election to the 4.5 million supporters of Britain’s 140 environmental organisations. It is time to move beyond making polite requests and to start punching our real weight”

said E3G Chairman, Tom Burke.

“The next government will invest £200 billion on critical infrastructure for growth over its life. Their proposals will do too little for growth and too much damage to the environment. Our programme would be better for both. We will be working after May 7th to mobilise the whole of Britain’s environment community behind it.”


Changing the Game – A programme for government


Historically, the environmental community approaches elections asking political parties what they will do for the environment. It is time to move beyond this point. Governments of all parties have consistently failed to understand the consequences of environmental failure for the prosperity, security and fairness of Britain. Those consequences are visibly damaging now and will be catastrophic in future. It is now time to focus public and political attention on what the environment can do for Britain.


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