Discussing why President Obama’s proposed carbon cuts are significant – BBC News at 10 – 2nd June 2014


coal power station


Discussing why new carbon cuts proposed by President Obama are significant and how they could offer much-needed momentum to UN climate talks

A president who is prepared to outflank congress, and therefore maybe produce more wrath and obstacles on other issues, is saying this is a really serious issue that I personally am going to put personal capital behind.

You can watch a clip here BBC News at 10





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Tom Burke is the Chairman of E3G, Third Generation Environmentalism, and an Environmental Policy Adviser (part time) to Rio Tinto plc. He is a Visiting Professor at both Imperial and University Colleges, London. He is a member of the External Review Committee of Shell and the Sustainable Sourcing Advisory Board of Unilever and a Trustee of the Black-E Community Arts Project, Liverpool.
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