Labour’s plan to reform our broken energy market deserves cross-party support

  This article first appeared in the New Statesman September 2013                   BY TOM BURKE PUBLISHED 25 SEPTEMBER 2013 16:33   Ed Miliband’s energy price freeze met with a predictable, if not always credible, response from the energy industries. Led by Angela […]

Kyoto prospects 1: Russia

Published in the New Statesman, on 17th May 2004. The Prime Minister called climate change “the most important issue that we face as a global community”, in a recent speech. But what really caught the attention of journalists was his deliberate dropping of the word “environment” from his prepared text. […]

Uranium dangers

Published in the New Statesman’s special supplement on energy Power for the people, on 24th February 2003. On 24 January, Tony Blair met a group of ministers and officials in Downing Street to resolve some of the key issues in the long-delayed white paper on energy policy. Among the most […]

How long have we got?

Published in the New Statesman, on 16th July 2001. The environment ministers and officials who gather in Bonn from 16-27 July for the resumed negotiations on the Kyoto Protocol will not settle the fate of the earth. The more important discussions, where the political heavy lifting will be done, will […]