Climate Policy failure is what David Attenborough was talking about. If we fail to keep the increase in temperature below 2 degrees centigrade, then what we are threatening is food, energy and water security, and if you can’t maintain food, energy and water security then you can’t maintain internal stability, in any country in the world, and that’s what’s at threat. And in parts of the world we can see some of those consequences already. As extreme weather events drive people out of the places that they live, into other places, as they change the pattern of water flows, all of these things are adding up to a really difficult problem that will increase conflict, if we don’t solve it.

The first and most important thing that people can do is vote, because if we don’t get governments to act, then all the individual things that people can do, and there are lots of them, won’t add up to something that keeps us safe. The most important thing is to make sure the people you vote for have got the message about how important this is. The polling is very clear, the public want the government to act on this.

These are some excerpts from an interview I did for LBC, the full interview can be watched here: