If what you want to do is to get your economy to recover really fast, what you have got do to is restore purchasing power. That is your top priory. That means putting people back into jobs right away. The quickest and best way to do that, is to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings. If you do that you also reduce peoples energy bills. So you get a double whammy on increasing purchasing power. That really is the best thing you can do. If common sense is applied to the recovery then we certainly can reconcile recovering our economies and lowering our carbon emissions. If we go back to our bad old ways, then we will simply undo all the good that we have done over the last painful two months.

The disruption that we are currently experiencing from this pandemic is nothing compared to the disruption that will occur if we fail to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement. It will be much more systemic, it will be much wider and it will be, and its impact on our lives will be much, much more difficult to deal with.

These are some excerpts of an interview I did for Sky News about whether post pandemic economic recovery is compatible with green policy and investment.