How do we achieve the emissions target the UK government has set for 2050?

We do it by putting our money where our mouth is, and by following through on this commitment to get the law in the right place by investing in the right things, and most importantly, above all, by investing in energy efficiency of our buildings, particularly our homes, because that will not only reduce our emissions, but it would also help get peoples bills down, and it will help reduce the burden on the health service of fuel poverty, because that makes it very difficult for older people to thrive.

The government has got to set the lead and invest, and I think you will find that where the government first invests private money will follow behind it, so it’s not just going to be a big bill for the taxpayer or the consumer, but never the less, there will have to be some sort of contribution from all of us to solving this problem, it’s the biggest problem of our generation.