I am finding it extremely difficult to think what could have caused such a massive dislocation, not just to our relations with other countries, as we have heard they are all going to be upset, but also to Mrs May’s own program of persuading us in this country that the economy was safe and secure, and that we really were still attractive to investment, that really was the highlight of that reassurance strategy, and that has gone out of the window.

Mrs May was abroad when the decision to pull the plug on Hinkley was taken, nothing at this scale is normally done with the Prime minister being abroad without there being some new factor, something new and big that nobody knows about.

In a way Theresa May has taken the political hit for abandoning the project now, so in a sense the political imperative, which was there very strongly, to get on with it even at the expense of having a white elephant, to some extent she has taken the hit for that. The pressure now is to really re-examine Hinkley, and that has never been done by the way, the assumptions with which this project has been brought forward have never been subject to any kind of descent forensic examination. I think the pressure for that will now become very, very strong.