We Are

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…the travel, our rights, better cities and clean air; 70 years of peace; women and men, parents and kids; the right to love whoever we want; science, art, music and culture; our spare time and our work time; action on climate change and the fight against global poverty; food and farmers, protected wildlife and beautiful beaches; our friends and our families; and the freedom to live, study, work and play in 28 countries…




On 23rd June Britain will be asked to decide on our future. A future in Europe. Or out.

We’re in.

Because Europe is us. Not over there.

It’s ours to create, not to watch from the sidelines.

With Europe we’ve had 70 years of peace, and together we’ve led the world on issues from climate change and human rights, to the fight against global poverty.

Whilst our politicians have focused on the here and now, European laws have cleaned up our beaches, our air and our land. These laws have given us rights that make every one of us equal at work and in our relationships.

EU funding has helped protect our parks and keep our museums open. It has helped establish new enterprises, create art, accelerate science and support our farmers. And year after year, it has invested in some of the poorest areas of the UK.

Europe has given us colleagues, housemates, neighbours, partners and friends. People who’ve built our homes, enriched our universities, nursed our families and transformed the cultural life of our cities. In return, each and everyone one of us has the freedom to live, work and study in 28 countries.

Many of us do.

It might not be perfect. But it is ours. And it matters to pretty much everything we care about.

Right now, that’s at risk.

We’ve put up with everything from a misguided war on terror, a global recession, and unequal austerity. We’re not prepared to let an older privileged generation gamble with the EU too.

The future is ours. Working together with our neighbours is the best way to make it better for us all.

On 23rd June we’re voting to remain. We’d love you to join us.

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