The world is witnessing a moment of history – BBC World Service – 12 Dec 15









BBC: Tom Burke is the Chairman of the Climate Diplomacy Think Tank E3G. He believes the world is witnessing a moment of history.

Tom Burke: I think what’s really important, much more than the specifics of the text is the direction of travel is outlines. It now makes it really clear that we are at a turning point, we are moving away from a world that depended on high-carbon energy for its energy supply, and it is now moving, and is going to move further and faster than anybody would have thought of before this agreement, towards a low-carbon economy, based on energy efficiency and more use of renewables. So I’m quite positive about where we have got to.




About tomburke

Tom Burke is the Chairman of E3G, Third Generation Environmentalism, and an Environmental Policy Adviser (part time) to Rio Tinto plc. He is a Visiting Professor at both Imperial and University Colleges, London. He is a member of the External Review Committee of Shell and the Sustainable Sourcing Advisory Board of Unilever and a Trustee of the Black-E Community Arts Project, Liverpool.
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