COP21 agreement makes it makes it really clear that we are at a turning point – BBC News – 12 Dec 15

                BBC: Tom Burke you have advised the British government on climate change for lots of difficult decisions, balancing both the needs of industry and the effect on ordinary people. What do you make of the draft. Tom Burke: I think that what’s […]

The world is witnessing a moment of history – BBC World Service – 12 Dec 15

              BBC: Tom Burke is the Chairman of the Climate Diplomacy Think Tank E3G. He believes the world is witnessing a moment of history. Tom Burke: I think what’s really important, much more than the specifics of the text is the direction of travel […]

Historic climate agreement reached at COP21 – BBC News – 12 Dec 15

        BBC: The final draft agreement for climate change has been presented to delegates at UN Summit in Paris. It proposes a legally binding agreement to limit global warming to no more than two degrees Celsius. With me now is Tom Burke who is chairman of the […]

Why is Paris COP21 different to Copenhagen?

      BBC: Joining me now is Tom Burke, who is Chairman of the Environmental Think Tank E3G and former government advisor on climate change. Thanks very much for coming in, Tom. We have heard about some of the issues that are really now down to the wire, and […]