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It is really important that America has now set itself out to lead on climate, and to demonstrate leading by taking action. It has been a laggard, and therefore other countries have been able to hide behind it, that shield has now been removed.

I suspect the America will find out what we found out in Europe. It is actually a lot easier to get these apparently big targets than you think at first. I suspect what we will see if Hilary Clinton succeeds Obama is we will see their standards ratcheted up, and they will discover that actually once you get going things tend to flow.

I think that is is very important that Obama is doing this without the consent of Congress, as Congress has made it clear that they would stop him from doing anything. I think that he has set a trap for the Republicans, the public in America are quite clearly behind more rigorous action on climate change, as they are here in the UK.

I don’t think that it’s a accident that three days before all of these Republicans who have been deniers are going to stand up and try to outbid each other into being even bigger deniers.