Solar is set to transform the global energy market – Podcast – Today Program BBC Radio 07/04/2015


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We have had a very inconsistent approach to renewables and deploying renewables in Britain. We are really starting to miss out and get left behind because of that inconsistency by government. It’s completely incoherent to complain about subsidies as the government did on renewables when you are preparing to sell thirty five years worth of index linked tax receipts in order to get nuclear power form EDF. So I don’t think that the issue of solar panels in fields is really the dominant issue, the real issue is how quickly can we get our stake up in a transformation that is happening at incredible speed.


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Tom Burke is the Chairman of E3G, Third Generation Environmentalism, and an Environmental Policy Adviser (part time) to Rio Tinto plc. He is a Visiting Professor at both Imperial and University Colleges, London. He is a member of the External Review Committee of Shell and the Sustainable Sourcing Advisory Board of Unilever and a Trustee of the Black-E Community Arts Project, Liverpool.
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