Talking to Comment Visions about the opportunities and costs of climate change.





Two important things about businesses; first of all for the energy businesses, the high carbon businesses are starting to get increasingly nervous about governments actually being willing to do more as the cost of renewables come down, and the low-carbon businesses are seeing an expanding realm of opportunity. So I think those businesses are going to see a change of focus from worrying about what happens to the high carbon businesses, to looking at all the opportunities for the low-carbon businesses.

Up until now we’ve only really heard from what I think of as the climate makers; the fossil fuel industries and their allies, increasingly what’s becoming clear is that the rest of the business community is going to have to pay for a changing climate in terms of lost opportunities, increased costs and damage to their facilities. So I think over the next few years I think we are going to hear many more voices being expressed from businesses like tourism, agriculture and property who will pay for a changing climate.