Reaction to James Lovelock on nuclear

My letter to the editor of Atmospheric Science (Atmos. Sci. Let; 5: 108–109), in reaction to James Lovelock‘s contribution to the Viewpoint section of Something Lurking in the Greenhouse. Published online 22 December 2004 in Wiley InterScience. For the letter, and a response from James Lovelock click here. James Lovelock […]

Kyoto prospects 1: Russia

Published in the New Statesman, on 17th May 2004. The Prime Minister called climate change “the most important issue that we face as a global community”, in a recent speech. But what really caught the attention of journalists was his deliberate dropping of the word “environment” from his prepared text. […]

The Geopolitics of Climate Change

by John Ashton and me. Published in SWP Comments (English version of the magazine of Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik/The German Institute for International and Security Affairs), Issue 5, published May 2004. This is an abridged version of a presentation given at an INTACT/SWP roundtable on climate change and foreign policy on 4 […]