The Mayor of London and Greater London Authority will hold the first-ever London Climate Action Week (LCAW) from 1-8 July 2019. The week aims to highlight London’s unique role as the leading international hub for organisations working globally to tackle climate change. LCAW will also mobilise London-based organisations and local communities in support of London’s Net Zero goal as well as stimulate new conversations and collaborations – particularly with London’s cultural organisations.

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The week will bring together London’s climate expertise and talent from across sectors to run events across the city focused on taking local, national and international action. These events will highlight the scaling up of practical solutions and identifying new solutions to help cut our carbon emissions to keep global temperature increases within 1.5C and support the Paris Agreement.

The Mayor is working with E3G and other partners to convene events by Londoners, businesses, civil society groups and local, national and international governments.

LCAW is designed to be a distinct event in the global calendar which is complementary to other major global climate events, in particular New York Climate Week and the One Planet Summit.

LCAW has four aims:

o London as a Global Climate Hub: highlighting London’s unique role as the leading international hub for organisations working globally to tackle climate change by providing a high-profile global platform for different world-leading sectors – finance, insurance, business, law, health, universities, civil society, foreign policy etc – to highlight their role and engage a global audience.

o Delivering Net Zero London: mobilising London-based organisations, local government and communities to make commitments in support of London’s Net Zero and Resilience goals.

o Broadening the Climate Message: stimulate new conversations and innovative framing of the climate issues that helps it move beyond usual audiences, particularly by engaging with London’s world class cultural organisations and communications industry.

o Tackling Frontier Climate Issues: using the unique ecosystem of organisations based in London who work globally on climate change to convene bespoke problem-solving process to tackle difficult issues at the intersection of existing sectors; for example, climate and nature; planning for sustainable infrastructure; just social transitions; and climate and democracy.

Since the announcement a range of organisations have committed to holding events in LCAW giving a critical mass of activities:

o the City of London Green Finance Summit;

o the Ashden Awards and Ashden International Conference;

o the Economist Climate Risk Summit (to be confirmed);

o “Climate Days” hosted by the major London Universities;

o development NGOs forum;

o Supreme Court Justices Conference and a Climate Litigation Conference

o and the insurance sector – potentially launching a major new Climate Data and Analytics Centre.

For more information please visit the London Climate Action Week Greater London Authority website