I have been quoted in Jeremy Lovell’s article Wind power industry hits political turbulence in UK, published in Climate Wire, on 24th February 2012. To see the full article sign in to Climate Wire here.

The article looks at the recent calls within the UK for wind subsidies to be cut, and the government’s rejection of these demands. Wind power fits into the more long term energy strategy and commitments to cut carbon emissions.

Some have doubted whether the UK government’s goal of 31 GW of installed wind power capacity by 2020 is achievable.

Tom Burke of the influential E3G environmental think tank told ClimateWire he is not among them. “There are some in the government, with support from the Treasury, who believe we can simply ignore our E.U. obligations on renewable energy and tear up the treaty. The simple fact is we can’t.”

“It is a legal obligation,” he added. “If we fail to meet it, we can be taken to the European Court of Justice and fined. That fine can be as much as €800,000 for each day we are in contravention.”