I have been quoted in BBC Environmental correspondent Richard Black’s latest blog, EDF fined for spying on Greenpeace nuclear campaign, on the politics and tactics surrounding nuclear, appearing on 10 November 2011. He is writing in response to the decision by a French court to fine EDF 1.5 million Euros and send two members of staff to jail after spying on Greenpeace campaigners. See below for the quote, and to see the full blog, click here.

Tom Burke, formerly head of Friends of the Earth UK and a visiting professor at Imperial and University Colleges in London, said the spying case showed EDF was desperate to negate criticism of nuclear power.

“What this judgement reveals is that EDF, and the French government which owns it, are prepared to go to any lengths, including breaking the law, in order to defeat opposition to more nuclear power,” he told BBC News.

“The whole future of the French plan to sell more nuclear power to the world depends on getting the British consumer to pay to build new nuclear reactors in Britain.

“I would advise every critic of the French drive to expand nuclear power in Britain to be very vigilant in ensuring they are not themselves victims of EDF dirty tricks.”