Tom Burke’s political commentary: Cameron’s green gambit – true hue or camouflage?

ENDS Report 436, p. 48, May 2011. One year on and a string of government missteps have left many questioning its true commitment to the environment and genuine reform The collision between the simplicities of politics and the complexities of government is often a brutal experience for ministers. Politics is […]

How Green is my Government?

Written for publication in May 2011.                                                 ‘ by their fruits ye shall know them’                                                                                                                                        Matthew 7.20 In politics, the fog of war is replaced by the miasmas of spin and the murk of tabloid trash. It takes a patient eye and a strong stomach to see a little […]

Tom Burke’s political commentary: One year on, coalition’s promise is under stress

ENDS Report 435, p. 61, April 2011. David Cameron pledged his administration would be “the greenest government ever”. Forthcoming decisions on the Green Deal, Green Investment Bank and fourth carbon budget will reveal how serious he was It is a year since the coalition government took power. Though distasteful to […]