Massive surge in disappearance of Arctic sea ice sparks global warning

I’m quoted in the article Massive surge in disappearance of Arctic sea ice sparks global warning, by Michael McCarthy and David Usborne, published in The Independent on 15th September 2006. The article reflects on the recent studies observing the accelerated retreat of perennial ice in the Arctic. These findings alarm […]

Climate Risk

Written for publication in May 2006. Climate change will be the dominant issue of the 21st Century. There is now consensus within the scientific community that not only is the problem caused by human activities but that it is more serious and more urgent than was first thought. Climate change […]

The facts are not with him

Published in The Guardian, on 18th May 2006. The prime minister has a taste for pre-emptive strikes and dodgy dossiers. He pre-empted his own white paper on energy policy with the energy review. He has now pre-empted the review by declaring that Britain needs new nuclear power stations. In so […]

Governing the Green

Published in The House Magazine, in March 2006. ‘Governance’ is a rather fashionable word these days but it is less clear what people mean when they use it. The financial pages of the newspapers are laden with references to the importance of corporate governance. Googling ‘governance’ gives you access to […]