The Nuclear Debate

In a two-part debate for the BBC News website, the Vice President of the Royal Society, Sir David Wallace, and I discuss whether or not a new generation of nuclear reactors should be built in the UK. Published Monday 17th October, 2005. Follow the links below for the full debates: […]

Performance and value

Published in Environmental Finance, in October 2005. A constellation of factors have led to environmental and social performance becoming an increasingly important factor in shaping a company’s value. This places the issue of how to assess that performance much higher on the corporate agenda. The first of those factors is […]

Costing the climate

Written for publication in July 2005. To their considerable surprise, British journalists at Gleneagles were approached by members of the US delegation wishing to comment on a recent report by the House of Lords Committee on Economic Affairs.  This report, ‘The Economics of Climate Change’ was published to little notice […]

Coal, not nuclear, is the new black

Published in Inside Track, the quarterly magazine of Green Alliance, Issue 11, Summer 2005. You could have beeen forgiven for thinking that nuclear power was back in fashion. After the general election a barrage of headlines, column inches and sound bites heralded the return of nuclear power as an option […]

Enigma code

Published in The Guardian, on 29th June 2005. Civil servants long ago discovered the infinite elasticity of the English language. It can be greatly stretched to cover the holes where policies should be, providing an essential service to their political masters whose failures of will would otherwise be all too […]