The politics of the carbon price

Published in the International Financing Review, in September 2008. Accurately assessing carbon price risk as climate policy evolves will require a profound understanding of the interaction between policy and politics and the unique nature of the challenge this poses to policy makers. Many factors will shape the development of carbon […]

The furture will not be nuclear

Published in Prospect Magazine, Issue 150, on 28th September 2008. The government is pinning its hopes on a nuclear renaissance to meet Britain’s climate change goals. Planning procedures are being eased and hidden subsidies offered. But the policy is based on a misunderstanding of nuclear power’s lousy economics, and will […]

Economics freezes nuclear frisson

‘View from the top’, published in Research Europe, April 2008. During last month’s state visit to Britain by French President Nicolas Sarkozy an entente formidable was proudly declared. One of the strongest ligatures in this new entente is to be close cooperation to make Europe the leader in a global drive […]

On hanging together

Published on IIED, in Dec 2007. Last year Kofi Annan warned of the growing gap between what scientists say is necessary to avoid dangerous climate change and what politicians are willing to do. Since then concern among climate scientists has grown as our knowledge of the impacts of a rapidly […]