Massive surge in disappearance of Arctic sea ice sparks global warning

I’m quoted in the article Massive surge in disappearance of Arctic sea ice sparks global warning, by Michael McCarthy and David Usborne, published in The Independent on 15th September 2006. The article reflects on the recent studies observing the accelerated retreat of perennial ice in the Arctic. These findings alarm […]

Governing the Green

Published in The House Magazine, in March 2006. ‘Governance’ is a rather fashionable word these days but it is less clear what people mean when they use it. The financial pages of the newspapers are laden with references to the importance of corporate governance. Googling ‘governance’ gives you access to […]

Costing the climate

Written for publication in July 2005. To their considerable surprise, British journalists at Gleneagles were approached by members of the US delegation wishing to comment on a recent report by the House of Lords Committee on Economic Affairs.  This report, ‘The Economics of Climate Change’ was published to little notice […]

Enigma code

Published in The Guardian, on 29th June 2005. Civil servants long ago discovered the infinite elasticity of the English language. It can be greatly stretched to cover the holes where policies should be, providing an essential service to their political masters whose failures of will would otherwise be all too […]

Whither green?

Published in the House Magazine, published in May 2005. What ever happened to the environment? This question has puzzled commentators and environmentalists alike since the election. It certainly had no significance as an issue. There was a brief burst of media attention on the Green Party but it quickly faded. […]