Tom Burke’s Political Commentary: New momentum on climate negotiations is now urgently needed

Published in ENDS Report (Issue 420, p49), in January 2010. So what really happened in Copenhagen? And even more importantly, what happens now? Forgive me for troubling you with this topic again, but this was no ordinary meeting. Konrad von Moltke, the founder of the Institute for European Environment Policy, […]

On hanging together

Published on IIED, in Dec 2007. Last year Kofi Annan warned of the growing gap between what scientists say is necessary to avoid dangerous climate change and what politicians are willing to do. Since then concern among climate scientists has grown as our knowledge of the impacts of a rapidly […]

Emissions Trading

Written for publication in May 2005. Like all good theories, the theory of emissions trading is elegant. Governments establish an overall limit of the amount of a pollutant that can be emitted. Enterprises are then allocated permits to emit the pollutant up to that limit – known as the ‘cap’. […]