Whither green?

Published in the House Magazine, published in May 2005. What ever happened to the environment? This question has puzzled commentators and environmentalists alike since the election. It certainly had no significance as an issue. There was a brief burst of media attention on the Green Party but it quickly faded. […]

Plant Life

Published on The Guardian, 18th May 2005. New nuclear power stations are inevitable. That is the message from a barrage of headlines in recent weeks. “Secret” plans to announce the building of 10 new nuclear power stations after the election played nicely into the running story of a prime minister […]

Emissions Trading

Written for publication in May 2005. Like all good theories, the theory of emissions trading is elegant. Governments establish an overall limit of the amount of a pollutant that can be emitted. Enterprises are then allocated permits to emit the pollutant up to that limit – known as the ‘cap’. […]